Driveri Captures It All

Using advanced AI, the smart camera automatically captures
distracted driving, no seat belt, hard acceleration, and high
g-force events such as potential or actual accidents.

Following Distance

Distracted Driving

Traffic Signal Violation

Stop Sign Violation

Hard Braking

AI Driving Analysis

"Can we afford to equip our fleet with reliable, state-of-the-art dash cam technology?"  You can't afford not to.

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We simplify the in-vehicle camera research, learning, and procurement process for the busy fleet manager, business owner, or consumer. We’ve done all the research and comparison shopping so you can take advantage of our knowledge, industry insight, and technical expertise to get to the implementation point much faster.

We don’t spend our time building cameras or developing software – we trust the experts to do that. We analyze the available products and systems to offer the best solution(s) for your fleet. That’s our bottom line. Why waste your time? Why not let our bottom line benefit yours?

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We are experts in state-of-the-art professional dash cams for commercial fleet and business applications, as well as individual solutions to protect your family.

Get The Results You Need

STF Insight devices make tough jobs easier so you can focus on what matters most—serving your customers.

Comprehensive Fleet Safety

FleetLocate by STF offers a fleet telematics solution tailored to fit your needs.

A Century of Automotive Vision Safety

Rosco is a leading global manufacturer of automotive vision safety products to the bus and truck marketplace.

360° of Automotive Security

The Waylens Secure360 System captures all 360 degrees of truth while you drive and when you park.

Our Solutions

We serve companies and individuals throughout the U.S., providing the technologies that keep them moving safely and securely.

Front-Facing Road Cameras

Front-facing cameras monitor the road ahead of the vehicle, providing not only video and event detection, but when linked with online mapping sources, can also provide location data.

Driver Distraction Camera Systems

Dual-facing dash cams provide video both inside the cab of the vehicle and the road ahead, helping management teams (and parents!) build a driver coaching system by making it easy to identify poor driving habits.

Multi-Camera Systems

Multi-camera dash cam systems offer added protection to drivers (as well as their CDLs) by providing up to a full 360-degree view, allowing the driver to see potential hazards behind and beside them.

Backup Camera Systems

Backup cameras provide an added element of safety for a driver by allowing them to see in the blind spot behind them. These are especially useful when backing up larger vehicles and trailers.
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See The Fleet—let us help you see what you've been missing!

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