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This is a new, satellite-only asset tracking device intended to help replace the TT-1800s & TT-3000s. It’s a battery operated unit, working off of (4) AAA Lithium batteries that are field replaceable, and purchasable at any retail store that sells batteries (they ship default with 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries installed). Default programming on these will be 2x/day unless otherwise noted in the Configuration field of the Est/SO, accommodating report intervals up to 4x/day. In extreme cases, these devices are capable of motion reporting but this requires approval prior to purchase. Per the vendor contact, estimated battery life is as follows:

Msgs/Day Estimated Battery Life (Days)
1 750 Days
2 500 Days
3 400 Days
6 200 Days
24 80 Days

Support cannot ping this device over the air. The device is locked in to the programming with which it is shipped. If programming must be changed, the device must be returned for in-house reprogramming.

Due to the lithium battery, these devices must ship ground.

Device Naming

  • Base Model

Device Compatibility

  • Light Duty Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle
  • Non-Powered Asset
  • Powered Asset

There are no required or compatible accessories for the TT-2200.

Device Status
Standard: Currently being promoted by Product
Device Features

Power Source

  • Backup Battery
  • Internal Battery Only
  • External Power


  • ELD / HOS
  • Temperature
  • Buzzer
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Driver ID
  • Garmin
  • Panic Button
  • Programmable Inputs

Reporting Catalyst

  • Motion
  • Ignition
  • Input Sense

Data Transmission Mode

  • Cellular
  • Satellite

Battery Options

  • Solar
  • Replaceable
  • Not Replaceable

Default Configuration

  • Heartbeats: 2
  • Battery: YES
    • - Battery Type: L92 (AAA)
    • - Lithium Content: Less than 1 gram
    • - Battery Voltage: 1.5 Volts
    • - Batteries Per Unit: 4
    • - Single Battery Weight: 7.6 grams