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Netradyne Driveri Camera

The Netradyne Driveri camera provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of drivers’ activity through a blend of real-time positive driving notifications and best practice identification.

Device Naming

  • Base Model

Device Compatibility

  • Light Duty Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle
  • Non-Powered Asset
  • Powered Asset
Device Status
Standard: Currently being promoted by Product
Device Features

Power Source

  • Backup Battery
  • Internal Battery Only
  • External Power


  • ELD / HOS
  • Temperature
  • Buzzer
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Driver ID
  • Garmin
  • Panic Button
  • Programmable Inputs

Reporting Catalyst

  • Motion
  • Ignition
  • Input Sense

Data Transmission Mode

  • Cellular
  • Satellite

Battery Options

  • Solar
  • Replaceable
  • Not Replaceable
Required Accessories

Mount: Driveri: Standard Window Mount
Compatible Accessories

24-12V Converter

Mount: Driveri: Split Angled Window Mount

Mount: Driveri: Standard Window Mount

Mount: Driveri: Vertical Window