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Hi Y’all!

I’m Scout, the official good boy and mascot of See The Fleet, the one-stop shop for all your dash cam needs! I like long walks, ear scratches, and BACON! Now that we have the important stuff out of the way, allow me to explain what we do here at See The Fleet.

See The Fleet was founded to simplify in-vehicle camera research and the product procurement process for the super busy fleet manager, business owner, or consumer. You don’t have time to be hounded to learn about new technology and find all the different options to determine the best one for you. That’s where my handlers come in, and we’ve done all the ruff work for you! We’ve sniffed out the best products and completed all the research and comparison shopping, so you can take advantage of the best doggone knowledge, industry insight, and technical expertise to get to the implementation point that much faster.

Is your fleet simple, and you’re just unsure if you really need multiple camera angles? Or does your fleet require multiple solutions, and you don’t have the time or desire to engage with multiple salespeople? Pawesome! That’s where our versatility can benefit you. Let us throw you a bone - we won’t force you into one solution; rather, we offer a suite of products from which to choose.

Are you a parent, or looking to add a tool to your defensive driving habits? Don’t be scared away by our focus on fleets. We are all drivers here, too, and many of us have teen drivers of our own to worry about. And most of our personal vehicles (and those of our kiddos) are equipped with a camera that serves as a silent witness should anything go wrong on the road. Protect your insurance premiums—let us equip your car.

We don’t spend our time building cameras or developing software – we trust the experts to do that. We analyze the available products and systems to offer the best solution for your fleet. That’s our bottom line. Why waste your time? Why not let our bottom line benefit yours? Let See The Fleet be your watch dog.

Thanks fur reading!

Scout McPawPaw

See The Fleet Spokesdawg